International Nutrition is a company dealing with many supplement, healthy food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies all over the world.
International Nutrition is specializing in supplements, healthy foods, snacks, energy drinks, cosmetics and all nutritional products. It represents a specialist trade in foods, supplements, cosmetics and an orientation aimed at promoting the culture of nutrition for the practitioners of different sports.
Our vision is to be leading in providing products from the best global resources and recognized by international organizations for food safety and health.
We have our own companies in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordon and UAE. We have also our exclusive distributers in all Middle East countries and we are being oriented now to Africa.

Our products are currently distributed in Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Groceries, Pharmacies, Health centers, Supplement Shops, ...

"Energy Drinks, Bars, Protein Drinks, Healthy Foods"

Healthy Foods are the essential thing in our lives. With INTERNATIONAL-NUTRITION, sure you'll find what you look for. We have the best products of Food, Snaks, Bars, Energy Drinks, Protein Drinks, ...

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"Supplement Brands"

We represent more than 17 brands of Supplement Companies from USA, CANADA, BELGIUM, GERMANY, BULGARIA, BRITAIN, and other countries.
We represent also the Top 2 Women Supplement Companies in the World.
Our aim is to provide the variety of best products to our customers and sub-distributers.

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"Natural Pharmaceutical Products, Vitamins"

Natural Pharmaceutical Supplements and especially Vitamins are one of the nutrition we take from daily food. Similar to minerals, they maintain our body’s normal metabolism and activities.
We work to build long term relationships with our suppliers (Brands) that consistently deliver high quality ingredients.

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"Healthy Cosmetics"

Cosmetics are a part of everyday life for both men and women. Many people want to look good and feel good, and they use cosmetics to achieve this.
We work with famous companies in healthy cosmetics and specially Gels. We provide the best safe and qualified products from all over the world

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